Hi There, I’m Katie!

Wanna go on an adventure with me? Okay, not literally (at least not right now!), but I’d love it if you’d grab a cozy cup of tea, snuggle up in your favorite blanket, and read along as I explore the world around me.

A Woman Alone in the Woods

When I share with a friend that I enjoy a solo hike in the woods, I’m often met with incredulous looks and questions like “Aren’t you scared?” And when I was married, the questions were more like “And your husband is okay with that?”

Solace at Binder Lake

The first dip of the paddle – as it reaches into the water. The smooth, silky water. I pull it firmly and feel the power as Sunset, my kayak, lurches forward. A rush of air floods my lungs – the blue sky stretching its circumference around me. I am here. My gaze reaches to theContinue reading “Solace at Binder Lake”