Solace at Binder Lake

The first dip of the paddle – as it reaches into the water.

The smooth, silky water.

I pull it firmly and feel the power as Sunset, my kayak, lurches forward.

A rush of air floods my lungs – the blue sky stretching its circumference around me.

I am here.

My gaze reaches to the lake’s edge – scanning for a destination. A few paddles further and I will reach another world –

far away from buzzing and alerts,

news and feeds,

the demands of a bored 7 year old girl,

needing to know… needing to do.

A quiet cove lined with immersed tree remnants and stale lily pads. Turtles sliding into the watery dark as I approach.

My cadence slows, my breath shallows.

All is still.

Even the rolling waves of inner chatter – of needing to know and needing to do – cease their incessant pounding on the shores of my mind.

A gentle breeze kisses Sunset’s hull and rocks her like a baby lulled to sleep in the safety of her mother’s embrace.

No need to control.

No need to know.

A quiet trust.


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