Bye Bye Kayak? Part 2

I’m headed into the third week of my 13-week weight loss challenge to lose 20 lbs. and…

wait for it…

keep my kayak.

Yes, you read that correctly. And, if you are just tuning in and need to read all about how my awesomely amazing boyfriend has chosen to motivate me to reach my goal, just click here. But bring wine. And chocolate…

Mmm… chocolate. Have I mentioned that we just got a Natural Grocers here in Jefferson City literally five minutes from my house? No?

Have I mentioned that they have half of an entire aisle filled with nothing but chocolate?

And, that it’s not just any chocolate? That it’s chocolate that…

I can FLIPPING EAT???? Have I mentioned that??

Perfect timing, Natural Grocers. Perfect timing. I’m sure eating all that beautiful Theo chocolate will help the 20 lbs. just slip right off. I’m certain of it.

It’s so hard not to indulge… especially when I’m sore from working out and absolutely starving…

Oh, and here’s another fun fact:

Last weekend, after a lovely solo hike in the woods (first one since NOVEMBER), my Fitbit BROKE.

You know, the little device that’s tracking my activity so I can have permission to EAT THE THINGS???!?

Yep, it broke.

Thankfully, it looks like Fitbit will send me a new one – but in the meantime, I’m just wingin’ it over here, y’all.

I’m trying to eat around 1200 – 1400 calories everyday depending on how much I work out – and aside from the burger, fries and three glasses of wine I had this weekend (oh… and there might have been whiskey… because, let’s be real.) I’ve been managing my carb/sugar intake.

Oh, and I can’t forget about the chocolate… The raspberry filled dark chocolate slathered in peanut butter…

*smacks lips*



The good news is, weigh-in #3 had me down 1lb from the previous week. I’m now 169.4 – 19.6 lbs to go in 11 weeks. I gotta get focused, friends. I gotta do it.


but not chocolate.

Weigh In #2 – 2.27.21
Starting weight – 170.6 lbs.
Today’s weight – 170.4 lbs.
Pounds Lost – 0.2
Pounds Remaining – 20.4
Goal weight – 150 lbs.
Daily Calorie Deficit – 750
Current Workouts of Choice – running, HIIT-ing, spinning, hiking
Time Remaining – 12 weeks

Weigh In #3 – 3.6.21
Starting weight – 170.6 lbs.
Today’s weight – 169.4 lbs.
Total Pounds Lost – 1.2
Pounds Remaining – 19.6
Goal weight – 150 lbs.
Daily Calorie Goal – 1200 to 1400
Current Workouts of Choice – running, HIIT-ing, spinning, hiking
Time Remaining – 11 weeks

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