Whitewater Preserve: Hike to Red Dome via the Pacific Crest Trail

The trail curved lazily through the pristine white sand dotted with the familiar cacti we’d become accustomed to in the days prior. And though I was still enthralled in their prickly cuteness, I was itching to get to the PCT. Enveloped by the San Bernardino mountains, I at least I had a gorgeous view to distract me.

Backpacking the Ozark Trail: Upper Current River Section

In my excitement, I failed to realize that I was in effect agreeing to cover TWENTY TWO miles of trail with him in TWO DAYS. I mean… I’m no math genius, but that’s ELEVEN MILES A DAY – on very hilly terrain – with PACKS ON OUR BACKS. And, since we’re newbies, our packs are heavy. I would realize this about halfway through our first day of hiking…

The Ozark Trail: My First Backpacking Trip

Last weekend, I did something I didn’t really think I could do. I carried my possessions on my back and hiked 5.5 miles through the wilderness, slept in the frigid cold… and then hiked back the next day. And I didn’t die. I didn’t even see a mountain lion. Here’s how it all went down.