Backpacking the Ozark Trail: Upper Current River Section

In my excitement, I failed to realize that I was in effect agreeing to cover TWENTY TWO miles of trail with him in TWO DAYS. I mean… I’m no math genius, but that’s ELEVEN MILES A DAY – on very hilly terrain – with PACKS ON OUR BACKS. And, since we’re newbies, our packs are heavy. I would realize this about halfway through our first day of hiking…

A Weekend Adventure at Mark Twain Lake

We drove to the boat ramp on Highway U, unloaded the kayaks without any issues, and paddled out onto the glistening water. The sun gleamed in a clear blue sky, and I shed layers as the temperatures rose. Laura was giddy observing the flocks of birds perched in their respective cliques along the water’s surface.

Camping at Onondaga Cave State Park

When you’ve waited all year to go camping, and the forecast promises some cool September crispness, you can’t help but get a little bit excited. Thoughts of snuggling up by a cozy campfire, floating down a river without the crazy summer crowds, enjoying a peaceful campground in off-peak season, watching the leaves start to change… I mean, if we’re being honest, my expectations were soaring pretty high.

So, you can imagine how utterly annoyed I was as my husband and I arrived at the campground at Onondaga Cave State Park to realize…

Solo Camp at Round Spring

Two weeks ago, I decided I needed to get out in nature for a few days on my own. It had been three years since my last solo camping trip, and I knew with a trip to Minnesota for a wedding coming up and some stressful weeks at work, I needed the downtime to rechargeContinue reading “Solo Camp at Round Spring”