Joshua Tree National Park: North Canyon Loop Trail

After we emptied our bladders and filled up our water bottles, we crossed into Joshua Tree National Park to hike the North Canyon Loop, a trail I found on the All Trails app. It wasn’t advertised on the National Park Service’s app or on any of the paper maps. This turned out to be a happy accident, because other than a couple of people bouldering, we didn’t encounter anyone all morning. Absolute peace on what is typically the busiest days of the year in Joshua Tree.

Bye Bye Kayak? Part 2

I’m headed into the third week of my 13 week weight loss challenge to lose 20 lbs. and… wait for it… keep my kayak. Yes, you read that correctly. And, if you are just tuning in and need to read all about how my awesomely amazing boyfriend has chosen to motivate me to reach my goal, just click here. But bring wine. and chocolate…